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HydrASAFE Hand Sanitizers

Great for your Health...Great for your Skin...Great for the Environment!


It Prevents Skin Irritation


It Kills Up To 99.99% Of Germs


Free Of All Scents And Dyes

What is HydrASAFE?

HydrASAFE is a revolutionary sanitizer developed by chemical engineers here in the US. Our HY-IQ™ (Hyper-Ionic Quotient) process delivers safe, effective results for you, your family and the environment.

Additionally, HydrASAFE Sanitizer is safe for children, is non-flammable and environmentally friendly. With our hand sanitizer, you won’t have to worry about damaging your skin. It works to kill germs during and after drying your hands without drying out your skin.

HydrASAFE Bottles

Prefer a Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer?

HydrASAFE, simply the best Hand Sanitizer on the market today.

If you need a safe, hypoallergenic hand sanitizer, that’s water-based and gentle on the skin, choose HydrASAFE.

Made right here in the USA. With specially designed nanotechnology at the core of our sanitizer, it continues to kill 99.99% of germs hours after drying without the use of alcohol.

Custom Labeling Feature

Put HydrASAFE in the hands and homes of your guests, clients and customers. Whether in your hotel rooms, your office suites or the new cars your dealership is delivering, show those who are supporting your brand and products with a product that keeps them safe(er). It makes for the perfect surprise amenity.

Customized Labeling.  Call or email us for information and pricing.

Several Handy Packages

  • 50 ML Foaming Dispenser 4 Pack $15, 12 Pack $44, 120 Case $420
  • Combo Pack 4 Pack 50 ML and one Refill $26
  • 750 ML Refill Bottle Single $12, 6 Pack $66, 12 Bottle Case $120

Providing For Your Health and Safety…and That of Your Clients and Employees

We all find ourselves in need of a reliable hand sanitizer, one that is good for you. Our mission is to help you stay clean and healthy. Our no-alcohol, revolutionary product is the solution. HydrASAFE is available in convenient 50 ml foaming dispensers, perfect for the car, desk or purse, as well as 750 ml refill bottles.

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