Your Trusted Hand Sanitizer Supplier

Our mission is to actively work to distribute millions of gallons of HydrASAFE throughout the country. We seek to save lives, boost workforce productivity and help reduce illness by providing an effective and safe sanitizer. Our product, made right here in the United States, delivers effective, safe, and non-irritating protection.


What makes HydrASAFE different

The Aphex water-based HY-IQ (Hyper-Ionic Quotient) solution has proven in test results to be safe and effective while not damaging or drying out the skin. We call it “The Good Skin Effect.” Our patent-pending sanitizer formula kills 99.99% of germs without the use of alcohol. This is important because alcohol is shown to be very damaging to the skin, toxic if ingested and flammable in certain settings.

Years of research and development back up each of our products and ensure they kill germs while helping your skin stay healthy. Find out more by viewing our Clinical Data.